LBI Info Services
LBI Info Services
LBI Info Services
LBI Info Services
We are three dots, surrounded by a circle with a notch
Three dots denote, Knowledge, Strategy and Relations, our assets
The circle denotes, our rules, regulations and our policy, we follow
The notch is to stretch all of them together to grow more than what we are
Actually, we are a digital agency.
We are a group of perfection loving people, who loves to create digital services for you. Our selfish nature on this aspect has given birth to many new ideas and approaches. We are jack of no trades and master of the following services,
We provide services which resides in World Wide Web aka The Internet. It starts from designing a beautiful website which talks about your business/products. We host them on your preferred domain and space. We also manage them so that it remains active and free from any trouble. We arrange security measures for your website, so that it can not be overtaken by hackers/bad mens of web.
  • If your business is not on the web, you are loosing huge market segment
  • Websites with proper security assures customer and you become trustworthy
User Interface Design
Making your user happy, is always the greatest challenge for any business. Its always preferred to engage your current users, than acquiring new users. User engagement demands higher standard of user interface of your services. If you are not concerned about your users, then you should be concerned about your future of the business. We deliver perfect user interfaces for any type of digital platform.
  • Proper UI/UX design can increase usability and hence customer satisfaction
  • Average time spent by a visitor in a web page is less than 10 seconds, which is largely due to unpleasant UI
Branding & Marketting
Build a product and let us build a brand for you. We think digitally and can create an unique space for you to co-exist in the multitude. What after that? We also help you to shout out loud by the name of the brand. User awareness, engagement, redirection are all you need to help grow your identity from "no one to that one".
  • Learn the art of being apart from the multitude, while being one of them
  • Proper identity of your business can generate repeating customers along with new
At par with our latest projects, we’re working, crafting and showing different futures. By this way, we can enjoy the pleasures of learning and having fun in this limitless arena of ours. We have a huge canvas where there are many miles to be explored.
We firmly believe in out-of-the-box relationships and in the results that may come from them. Whether it is during ideation, designing or implementing, we are working holding hands of our partners. As a team. We know how supportive is that experience.
We are
We have come a long way and something we learned along the way is to work with small start-ups to large established entities. Sweetness grows in the quality of your relationship with them and we plan to encourage this. We curate the experiences out of them.
Driven by
What would be the point to make changes if you’re not aiming for the peak of the mountain? We take pride in delivering quality-driven products and to ensure details are not forgotten along the way. We love forms with functionalities.